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Retrofit Pouch HF RFID Tag 9505841, Black, 25 Pack, 1 EA/Case

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The 3M™ Retrofit Pouch HF RFID Tag comes in a 25-pack and includes an integral choker strap, snap strap, and zip ties. This RFID tag attachment method is best suited for PPE and other safety equipment that has structure, strap material or webbing of an acceptable width and thickness to accommodate the range of loop and snap size.
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Detailed Description

Each pouch features lightweight and durable nylon construction and contains an HF RFID tag that has a pre-programmed unique ID code, the ability to store data and utilizes passive high frequency 13.56 MHz technology. Each pouch has a sewn in choker and snap strap and the package also includes zip ties. While some 3M™ PPE comes from the factory already RFID-enabled, including almost all new 3M™ DBI-SALA(R) Fall Protection products, these retrofit tags are available to outfit existing inventory, other safety equipment, and work areas. These tags are ready to use with the 3M™ Inspection & Asset Management System.

Additional Data

  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • Pouch has a built-in choker and snap strap
  • RFID tag utilizes passive high frequency 13.56 MHz technology and is pre-programmed with a unique ID
  • Ready for use with 3M™ Inspection & Asset Management System
  • i-safe, active safety, connected safety, rfid
  • Recommended Application: Safety Program Management
  • Country of Origin: India