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ChemMax 2 Coverall, Hood & Boots (Respirator Fit), Taped seam, Elastic cuff, White, 2X

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Detailed Description

Interceptor is the apex of the Lakeland line of ChemMax protective fabrics. This fabric gives you the ultimate protection against hazardous chemicals including >60 min hold out on Chemical warfare agents.

Additional Data

  • Ultimate in Chemical protection
  • NFPA 1991 Certified, Level A back entry suit
  • Certified to optional Flash Fire Protection for Excape Only requirements of NFPA 1991
  • >480 min hold out on all ASTM F1001 test battery chemicals
  • 3 layer fabric consisting of proprietary barrier films, spunbond nonwoven substrate and inner barrier films, color blue
  • Non-woven
  • Imported from China