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Primair 200 Series Hood Assembly with E2 Hard Hat

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Primair Assembly with hood. Includes one disposable hood with neck seal and Quick-On loop, one E2 hard hat with ratchet and Quick-Lok connections for Fibre-Metal welding helmets and faceshields, and one package peel-away cover lens.
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Detailed Description

Primair hoods can be used for both Compact Air 200 Series PAPR and CF1000 CF-SAR Wide range available, including loose fitting facepiece, hood with bib and hood with nylon collar Spun-bond polypropylene hoods are available uncoated and coated Coated hoods provide protection from occasional splash Ratchet headgear holds hoods securely to follow worker movement Manifold directs air over the lens where it is needed most, not in worker's eyes to reduce lens fogging Bibbed hood features dual snaps for adjustable bib length to provide adaptability to different applications and worker height PA101 is ideal for pharmaceutical and other light duty industries. NIOSH approved with an APF of 25 Full hoods have an APF of 1000 for maximum protection from contaminants Peel-away lens covers are available (# PA105) to protect the lens from splatter

Additional Data

  • Country of Origin: Mexico